College Greenlight was launched in April of 2012 to combat the significant underrepresentation of first-generation students on college campuses across the country, believing that better academic outcomes could be achieved for these students if they had FREE access to comprehensive college access tools, resources and support. Since then, College Greenlight has worked diligently to become the premier online platform for first generation, underrepresented students. We partner with over 1,500 organizations all over the country to reach and support a substantial and growing network of students — more than 500,000 students have created accounts to date. 

We’ve built a suite of tools, resources and relationships with college access professionals to combat under-matching and help our students find best fit colleges and scholarships to help responsibly fund their education. Our platform includes: 

  • Comprehensive profiles of every 2-year and 4-year college and university in the country

  • The web’s largest database of scholarships including thousands of local scholarships and grants

  • A student can personalize a unique college and scholarship list based on fit and match

  • A virtual space for counselors and advisors to monitor, track, and measure student progress. 

We also partner with 195 college that include elite institutions, top-notch public universities and 100% meet need colleges. Through the College Greenlight platform colleges can directly communicate with students they believe would be successful on campus with customized messages about opportunities and programs students might be otherwise unaware of or never thought possible.


Q: How many students and counselors can I have signed up with College Greenlight?

A: There is no limit! Greenlight can support as many students and counselors as your program needs!

Q: Do you protect student data?

A: Yes! Student data is only used to match them with their best fit colleges and scholarships. We don’t feature ads, pop-ups or for-profit institutions on the site.

Q: How many college profiles are housed on your site?

A: Over 4,000 colleges and universities have Greenlight profiles!

If you would like more information on or are interested in discussing opportunities for partnering with us, feel free to reach out!

Erika Davis