College Greenlight is FREE online college and scholarship database designed for first generation, underrepresented students and the organizations and counselors that support them.

Student experience:

By building a student profile on College Greenlight, we can match you to college and scholarship opportunities that reflect your accomplishments and interests. You can also connect to your counselor so that they can better support you through your college and scholarship searching efforts.

Counselor experience:

As a counselor, you can track and monitor your students’ progress with their college and scholarship search efforts. You can get a comprehensive understanding of what all of your students are up to and get a snapshot of individual student accounts. You have the ability to log in as a student and enter their student account the exact same way they see it so you are no longer in the dark on where your students are at.

College Greenlight Community:

In addition to provide reliable and relevant resources and content for our student and counselor community, we also partner with colleges dedicated to fostering stronger and meaningful relationships with college access professionals.